-Parents are allowed in the classroom one time per semester.  Dancers learn best in an environment free of distraction.  We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm in your child's dance, however please appreciate the instructor's job trying to maintain a disturbance free classroom where children are focused and kept on task.

-No food or drink (other than bottled water). -As with any activity, dancers need to develop commitment to--and teamwork with their fellow dancers.  This comes from attendance at class and performances.  

-Lake Dance Steps is not responsible for dancers outside of the classroom.  Please arrive on time to pick up your dancer and do not leave them unattended at the facility before or after class.   

-Performance participation is mandatory unless the dancer is severely ill.  Please plan vacations, etc. around performance dates.  An absent dancer means making last minute choreography changes and isn't fair to other dancers who have been working months to prepare.  

-Bullying:  Our studio believes that each student has the right to feel free from fear and intimidation. Bullying is not tolerated. To ensure comprehensive supervision, monitoring cameras are installed in the waiting room and classrooms. If your child is bullied contact Raquel Lake immediately. If bullying behavior is viewed on video or by instructor, the bully will be immediately dismissed from our program with zero tolerance. It is unfortunate that our studio must take this stance, but the well-being of our dancers is of utmost importance.  Anti-Bullying Policy                                                             


Dance is a performing art.  Performing provides an opportunity for students to display talents, skills and accomplishments in dance.  Our recitals are an extension of the benefits derived from the dedication of dance training.  As part of their participation in the show, students learn showmanship, team work and memorization of patterns and how to express individual personalities.  Students are given at least 3 opportunities to perform during the dance season.  We have a Winter and Spring Recital.  We also perform at the Cherry Festival.  Students may also have opportunities to perform at community events.